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Not so "New" Grounds

2008-05-18 06:04:00 by truskamurai

Well, Hello NewGrounds!

___Yes! Skamurai Is Hizzah! Well, to be honest, I've been here for a while. You just couldn't see me. Cuz I'm a ninja on the side. But anyway, I just never felt a need to make an account. Just like YouTube, is there a point to make an account if you don't plan to post anything? Point Made. Well, I decided I would go ahead and throw some music that I made with FL Studio on here.
___I plan to begin "flashing" soon. Or should I say, learning to flash? I have a general idea and everything that I need except Adobe Flash Animator. Which I should have as soon as those damn Buck-a-neers drop me a copy. Skalliwags! But until then, I will try to post some of the audios i gots and get my name out that way for a while.

-=(P.S. If anyone recognizes where my Icon thing originally came from (before I modified it with MSPaint) don't say anything. I'd hate to whoop anus with my SkamSkills -_-)=-

Not so "New" Grounds