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Not so "New" Grounds

2008-05-18 06:04:00 by truskamurai

Well, Hello NewGrounds!

___Yes! Skamurai Is Hizzah! Well, to be honest, I've been here for a while. You just couldn't see me. Cuz I'm a ninja on the side. But anyway, I just never felt a need to make an account. Just like YouTube, is there a point to make an account if you don't plan to post anything? Point Made. Well, I decided I would go ahead and throw some music that I made with FL Studio on here.
___I plan to begin "flashing" soon. Or should I say, learning to flash? I have a general idea and everything that I need except Adobe Flash Animator. Which I should have as soon as those damn Buck-a-neers drop me a copy. Skalliwags! But until then, I will try to post some of the audios i gots and get my name out that way for a while.

-=(P.S. If anyone recognizes where my Icon thing originally came from (before I modified it with MSPaint) don't say anything. I'd hate to whoop anus with my SkamSkills -_-)=-

Not so "New" Grounds


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2008-05-20 04:41:48

Let me be the first to welcome yomu mitser uhhhh Samurai ninja guy

truskamurai responds:

thank you mr. Psycho Sheep lunatic guy... thank you very much


2009-06-13 04:18:59

I just want to say, you said this "for one, there is no draft for those who seem to think this is serious, for 2 the legal drinking age isnt 18... in most states at least. And third, Im in the air force (not a pilot yet) and ya, the Army can kiss my Blue ass. As well as the Marines. And the navy would feel more comfortable sucking Seamen out of me." about Lazy muffins submission.

I just want to point out that he is obviously not from the United States, lmao. He has a pretty heavy accent. Army is a general term